Pilates classes at Ellon physiotherapy

About Physiotherapy in Ellon,Aberdeen


At Ellon Physiotherapy we offer small group Pilates classes up to a maximum of 6 participants, this will ensure you receive individual attention and teaching.

Our groups are all led by a Chartered Physiotherapist trained in the APPI method of modified Pilates.  This is different from the more traditional Pilates method in that the exercises have been modified to suit all individuals and abilities.

Pilates can help you improve your core strength and posture as well as flexibility by training your deep abdominal muscles as well as pelvic floor muscles, lower back and gluteal muscles.  This in turn can help you reduce any back niggles or simply enhance any current exercise regime.

To join one of our groups, we ask that you attend an initial 1:1 session with the physiotherapist in order to assess your ability and address any concerns you may have and teach you to “set your centre”.

Pilates exercise 1  Pilates exercise 2
Pilates exercise 3  Pilates exercise 4